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Story of Thought Idea: Atlantis

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Too many ideas maybe come to me.  And I know I can’t go in all directions at once, nor start all projects at once.  So a co-writer or co-writers will be needed… Maybe even a community built story, as long as it is good.   But, I am inspired this morning, and I think this story needs to be heard, and will be valuable on many fronts.

My inspiration this morning comes from Neil deGrasse Tyson.  I was looking up some YouTubes last night about something or other, and stumbled upon some of his as he was on various TV programs.   And I watched more.  And while I have seen him on TV before, I was struck by several of his ideas (which I know are not all original, as he brings forth a lot of Carl Sagan, and that he is standing on the shoulder of the giants, but he is sharing those giants with us.)

The idea that struck me most, was his talk about how Venus has such a bad green house effect, and someone “must have turned the knobs wrong”    The knowledge about the basic atmosphere of Venus is not new to me, but the concept that it could have been an earth that went horribly wrong is a fascinating one.   Combine this, with the search for Atlantis, and maybe we have found it, at least in a story.

What if….

What if Atlantis was on Venus.  And a story/movie has parallel scenes of Atlantis and today.  And what if in the story, the reader/viewer does not know at first Atlantis was on Venus, thus all the story that takes place there, between the story taking place on Earth, to their perspective is the same place, until the very end of the story/movie when NASA sends a probe that actually works into Venus, and the reader/viewer sees the wreckage of the world.

This story, not only has the possibility of being gripping, and as a movie having beautiful special effects.  It also can inspire potential scientists, and have appropriate math, science, and history woven throughout.  And of most importance, it can help us as a humanity to realize the very real potential of where something like global warming can go.  Which we are still not fully awake to, given that people are still denying the very real science.

So does anyone want to help bring this story to a reality?


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April 10th, 2012 at 6:43 am

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