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What I Said at Tonight’s Twin Rivers Board Meeting

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The following is what I shared with at tonight’s Twin Rivers Board Meeting:

Dr. Martinez and Board Members: Thank you for the time to speak this evening.

Tonight I want to bring back an idea that deserves a second thought.  What I am talking about is the idea of an Adult-Serving Charter School.  When we brought this up last year, I think there were misunderstandings of our petition that led to misinformation about our proposed school.

What we would like, is to open up dialogue with the board and stakeholders about how an adult serving charter school could work in harmony with the district to serve the community while also bringing more revenue to the district and also hire back adult school teachers who were laid off; of which I am one.

I want to reiterate that adult serving charter schools get apportionment funding that does not take away from district funding.  And with this funding, we could develop innovative programs for adults, and partner with district programs for kids.  For example, we could partner with the district to provide apprenticeship opportunities to parents and other adults while the district provides apprenticeship opportunities to high school students. We can help parents get their diplomas, and at the same time help them to learn how to help their children with their school work.  We have the opportunity to do many innovative programs, and support the districts mission.

I only ask that you remove any prejudice to the word “charter”; Listen to what we are proposing, and work with us so we can have something that works for everyone.

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September 4th, 2013 at 10:18 pm

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