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Last Night’s Twin Rivers Board Meeting

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The following is what I said at last night’s Twin Rivers board meeting

Dr. Martinez, Trustees; thank you for time to talk this evening.  Tonight you will be hearing from several laid off Adult School teachers about why an adult-serving charter school would be good for our community, and why Twin Rivers should keep self-sustaining adult school programs open, at least through this school year.

But believe it or not, that is only a part of what I’m personally talking about tonight.  I want to address the bigger issue.  That is the issue of the unbelievably high dropout rate within the Twin Rivers district, such that I estimate about 1,000 kids dropout or simply don’t graduate between Kindergarten to 12th grade. Further, the census shows that their are parts of the Twin Rivers district where over half of the adults don’t have a high school diploma.  This is atrocious on many levels, including being one of the major factors that keeps our communities in poverty.  It also costs the districts millions of dollars, which in turn is the loss of a large number of jobs for both teachers and classified staff.

I believe that this problem can cost-effectively be solved through a 3-prong approach.  First, by improving the use of data within the district, there could be more effective dropout prevention.   Second, by improving marketing and setting a program up properly, there could be a fifth year senior program that could be self-supporting through ADA.  And finally, adults who have been out of school for a while could finish high school through either the adult school or the adult-serving charter school.

To build upon the vision of Dr. Martinez, I ask:  “Why not save dropouts?”


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September 18th, 2013 at 6:04 am

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