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Archive for July 19th, 2014

My Amazon Account Might have been Hacked

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Today when I logged into Amazon, I found a strange mailing address in Britain attached to my account.  I called Amazon, and they said it was placed on there in June, but had no other details. There were no orders placed under my account, so I don’t think anyone has yet taken my money and ran.    So I’ve changed my password there, and I will be taking the time to change all my passwords these coming weeks, and double check my security.  But if you see something that seems like it came from me, like an email, etc, but it looks suspicious, please let me know right away.

I still think the PAUS system is something we need as a society, as having a system of storing passwords that cannot be hacked by a key logger would be very valuable.

Written by Jacob Walker

July 19th, 2014 at 1:33 pm

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