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Quotography of “So long, suckers!”

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My niece today said “So long suckers!” to us as she was leaving to go outside…  Which got me thinking about the origin of this catch phrase…  It seems it was first used in the early 1940’s, and it is hard to say whether it has a single origin, or whether several different folks came up with the phrase independently, after “so long” and “suckers” became popular terms.  Here are a few books & newspapers that have this phrase in the 1940’s.  It appears that “So long” as a way of saying goodbye might have come from the late 1800’s, and “sucker” in the contemporary use of the word as a gullible or easily deceived person, seems to also have come around the early 1900’s.

Oh well, it probably doesn’t matter that much…  But I was in the mood for a little detective work…  But am I the sucker tonight to get sucked in to this silly research? 🙂

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Written by Jacob Walker

September 20th, 2014 at 10:09 pm

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