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Getting to a Shell Prompt to Debug Kickstart / Preseeding issues in Ubuntu

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VubuntuBox temporary logoAs I have been working on developing VubuntuBox, I have been using a combination of a pre-seed file and a kickstart file to be able to automate / customize an installation of Lubuntu.  I have found that it has taken me using both systems to get done what I want.

To be able to do more customization, I am working on running scripts pre and post installation, and it seems that the kickstart file is more effective in doing this, as I still can’t fully verify that the d-i preseed/early_command I have put into my preseed file does anything at all.  (Although I’m probably just doing something wrong, not that it isn’t working inherently.)

Since I want to start to add some customizations, including some user interaction, I have wanted to simply be able to launch a shell before and after the installation and use it for testing commands that would ultimately be in a script.  But it was very hard for me to find out how to do this, until I ran into this wonderful Blog entry about Interactive pre-/post-install scripts in RedHat KickStart, and I have found that it works equally well in an Ubuntu Kickstart fille.  So I thought I would share that here, in case others ran into my frustration!

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November 14th, 2014 at 3:52 pm

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