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What I am gaining in practice from parts of Islam

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In Sacramento there is an ad campaign on many billboards supporting Islam and encouraging people to learn more and consider converting.  This is an interesting confluence with the issue of the Islamaphobic flyers that went out during the past Twin Rivers election, and my connection with those very dear to my heart who are practicing Muslims. And I am asking myself, what can I learn from Islam?  And, what practices of Islam can be of value?

There are certain key tenants of Islam that I never could incorporate into my personal belief, such as the 6 Articles of Islamic Faith, as these either are disprovable from evidence or are non-falsifiable, and hence while I may be open to their possibility, I can not take them in as a personal belief.   But, the core practices of Islam, as embodied in the 5 Pillars, I believe have value, and with some adaptation. And, hence are something I can start to bring into my life.

Thus in my next post in this series, I will talk about the value of Zakāt, and then examine the other pillars of Islam as I incorporate an adaptation into my life.

What will need to be seen is how many traditional Muslims will appreciate that I am finding value in some of their beliefs, and be supportive of my adaptations, and how many will take offense with an “all or nothing” attitude.   Although, the same issue occurs within Christianity of how many traditional Christians appreciate the philosophies of Progressive Christians such as those who are part of a Unity Church, versus how many attempt to denounce our beliefs, calling us non-Christians…

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Written by Jacob Walker

May 24th, 2015 at 11:59 am

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