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Introduction to Boolean Algebra & Information Theory: A Twelve Week Course

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As I’ve been posting about, I’ve been working to learn more about information theory, to bridge my way to learning Bayesian analysis techniques along with other machine learning techniques.   While at first I was only considering having a self-study group, I have come to believe that the first portion of this learning could be at a high school level (albeit advanced).  So I am now planning on offering these topics as a class, where we will meet once a week, in the evening, probably on Thursdays at around 5:30.   I have created a Moodle class that will have all the topics (you can log in as a guest to get in for right now).  This class will be free, although if you are not an HCCS student (and if you have a high school diploma already, you really can’t be an HCCS student), then there won’t be any credit you earn.  Although, if we do what I plan, and continue on to more rigorous work, we would have the potential for credit through LearningCounts.

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Written by Jacob Walker

November 20th, 2015 at 11:59 am

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