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Is Trump Being the Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee a Failure of our Educational System as much as our Political System?

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First, I do not blame many people in this country to be angry; our political system is broken.  But, I wonder if our education system has failed those who are having the wool pulled over their eyes by Donald Trump.

For all the talk that  politicians have about the need for critical thinking to be in our school, there is a clear lack of critical thinking happening in our nation.  To be fair, the Common Core English standards and the Next Generation Science Standards are working to have some more critical thinking.  But our math standards are still lagging.   Formal logic is not part of the Common Core Math standards, nor Boolean Algebra, nor set theory.  Although statistics does have more prominence in the Common Core, but it is still based on a frequentist interpretation of probability, instead of a Bayesian/epistemological interpretation.

But, isn’t the “proof in the pudding”?  And when evidence shows that about 75% of what Trump says are lies, and he never explains anything, but basically just says “trust me”; the fact that so many people have voted for him (although thankfully not a majority), it seems that our education system has failed these people in critical thinking skills.

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Written by Jacob Walker

May 16th, 2016 at 11:59 am

3 Responses to 'Is Trump Being the Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee a Failure of our Educational System as much as our Political System?'

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  1. Huh? The link you provided is hardly proof of your assertion that 75% of what Trump says are lies. Instead it’s political opinion. Not surprising given that it’s the silly season and every liberal, and his brother, and his other brother, have decided to do a character assination on the impecable, sincere, and honest Donald J. Trump.

    Case in point. Recently I saw Trump protesters carrying signs in California declaring Trump to be a Nazi. Tell me, how many Jews did he murder? That’s what the Nazis did, wasn’t it? The number of Jews that Nazis murdered was 6 million. Tell me how many Poles and Russians and other Slavs did Trump murder? The Nazis murdered some 20-30 million Slavs, depending on how you do the body count. So, if Trump is a Nazi, why is it that he has not killed any Jews and Slavs?

    I’ll make it easy for all you liberals. Name just one person, yes, a single human being that Trump has murdered, and provide me the city, date, and circumstances. After all, he is supposed to be a Nazi, so providing a single Trump murder victim should be easy.

    You see, the lies are among many of your liberal cohorts and not that much among Trump supporters. It is very sad to see this hateful contingent engage in slander against this honest decent man. Vladimir Lenin once said to his communist revolutionaries, “Never argue the truth because we will never win that argument. Argue emotions instead.” Good advice for those anti-Trumpers who don’t have a rational leg to stand on, who can only win by venting hate.

    Good job comrades! Vent hate! Stay away from reason! I’ll nominate the most hateful of you for the Joseph Stalin Comrade of the Month Award at our next party meeting. Our patron Saint Vladimir must be proud and must certainly be smiling in his grave at your commitment to our cause. Unfortunately that’s how some of the more extremist liberals are starting to look.

    Trump does have serious problems but they are not the ones being disparaged in the liberal media. The race card accusations are unproven and just a smoke screen. One real problem is that he wants to lower the Capital Gains rate for the rich and mega rich to 5% and reduce the corp tax rate to almost nothing as well, which will cause further income disparity and and enslavement of the middle class. Yet, so far no liberals seem to care abou this imprtant issue because frankly, they don’t seem to have a clue about what is important and what is not.

    Despite the problems, Trump is still the best candidate to resolve our current problems. He is the best solution, at least for the next four years. Is he completely honest and decent? No, absolutely not, but at least he isn’t being investigated for potential criminal activity by the FBI as, err, ah, the main liberal frontrunner is. Basically, Trump is our only hope of stoping Political Correctness and Globalism that is destroying this country.

    To paraphrase one political commentator on why Trump will win in a landslide: “To win, Donald Trump just has to convince everyone that he is not Adolph Hitler which should be fairly easy to do. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton needs to convince everybody that she is not Hillary Clinton, which will be very difficult to do.”

    Trumpty Dumpty

    16 May 16 at 3:37 pm

  2. Instead of bashing Trump who has done nothing wrong, why don’t you instead criticize Bernie Sander’s wife for her alleged part in the bankrupcy of Burlington College when she was its president?

    You are running an education blog, right? Your Trump bashing has less to do with education and more to do with politics, so addrssing the Sanders story would get you back on track addressing education.


    If you don’t like my link then simply google “bernie sanders wife burlington college bankruptcy” for many many more articles from the mainstream liberal media on the topic.

    Trumpty Doodles

    17 May 16 at 1:01 pm

  3. Another thing…

    It appears you failed to check out many of the facts for yourself in the link you provided. Here’s two clear misrepresentations in the Trump article that you should have noticed (and there are more).

    1. POINT: Trump says “Hillary Clinton “wants to abolish the Second Amendment.” (which is the right to bear arms). They claim Trump is wrong.

    THE TRUTH: Trump is absolutely right. Hillary has repeatedly called for gun control publically and privately. In this recent video she again confirms that she is against the public having the right to bear arms:


    2. POINT: Trump says “Germany is crime-riddled right now” because of migration to Europe.” They again claim Trump is wrong.

    THE TRUTH: Trump is absolutely right. Crime in Germany has skyrocketed in Germany due to the migrant crisis. See following Link.


    I’ll leave it up to you to fact check the rest of the article, like you should have done in the first place. In sum, Trump is clearly an impecable Truth Teller.

    You also raise the issue of educating Trump supporters in “critical thinking skills” just because their views differ with yours. Should the same remedial education efforts be applied to you as well, given your failures described above?

    King Trumpty

    17 May 16 at 5:51 pm

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