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Delaine Eastin: Person, not Politician

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Delaine EastinYesterday I shared about the problem with too many politicians being sociopaths, or at least being power hungry.  Some people may tell me I was just stating the obvious.  But, I also talked about some of the elected representatives that I have worked with who I know are good people.  And this week, I met in person Delaine Eastin, and had a chance to talk with her briefly, and also talk with several people who have known her for a long time, and I can say confidently that she is running for governor for the right reasons, and is not a corrupt politician.

I met Delaine at her campaign’s kick-off party / dinner in Davis.  It wasn’t a super large event; probably about 100 people, and it was held at a friend’s house.   While there, I had the chance to talk a little with Delaine, and more importantly I had a chance to talk with people who have known Delaine for a long time.  It was clear from these conversations that Delaine is the type of elected official that is running for office for the right reasons.  It also was clear that she is willing to listen to people, even when they don’t agree with her or are “speaking truth to power”, and takes this to work to do the right thing.

I hope others will take the time to learn more about Delaine and to meet her in person. I believe she is absolutely right when she says “We can do better”, and to do better, we need to start by electing democratic representatives, not politicians.

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Written by Jacob Walker

February 24th, 2017 at 11:59 am

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4 Responses to 'Delaine Eastin: Person, not Politician'

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  1. Your assessment is either intellectually naive or intellectually dishonest. Which is it? ALL people running for political office do so for the purpose of securing POWER for themselves so that they can push an agenda aligned with their own personal values. Your candidate included.

    It sounds like you are saying that your candidate really does not want power, but if she wins and is presented the power of Govenor’s office, she will reluctantly accept that power, taking it only because she somehow was not interested in the power but rather because it comes attached with the role of being Govenor, and therefore power would be something she would just have to reluctantly accept. That is pure FANTASY.

    Get real. Your candidate is seeking power because that is what she wants, just like Donald Trump sought power because that is what he wants. Both want power to force the world conform to their personal wishes based on their own personal values.

    The real difference between these two people is in your own mind where you prejudicially see her values as being more aligned with your own values. Really, it would be more honest to just admit that she is power hungry like all other candidates on the face of the earth and that her attainment of power would allow her to advocate ideas and make POWERFUL decisions in a way that align with your own personal desires.

    Power Hungry Women

    1 Mar 17 at 8:52 am

  2. Is she part of the Arrogant Left? Does she hate Traditional Values? See video below.


    The Arrogant Left

    6 Mar 17 at 2:26 pm

  3. Is she in favor of banning the “racist” white nationalist holiday known as St. Patrick’s Day? While we’re on the subject, is it it fair to classify her as a liberal snowflake, or she something else? See video below.


    Ban St Patricks Day

    18 Mar 17 at 1:58 pm

  4. Where does she stand on the White Privilege Myth. See the video below where an educated Black Woman completely destroys the notion of white privilege. Does your candidate buy into this dangerous myth or does she see the fallacy in it?

    White Privilege is a Myth

    27 Apr 17 at 5:17 pm

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