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Exporting my Wii Fit Data using ScraperWiki

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I have been using Wii Fit Plus (Off and on) for several years, and thus it has some the best longitudinal data about my fitness (especially my weight).  I would like to export the data from the Wii and be able to analyze it in Excel.  Several people have worked on doing this, and one person started to put an easy to use converter on the web, but it looks like it has been taken down.   So, basically at this point, it looks like all the components exist, but that it will take a little coding to get them together for myself.

So given this fact,  I’m starting a new scraper on ScraperWiki that will ultimately extract My Wii Fit Plus Data, and allow others to extract their data also.  To create this scraper, I’m going to try and use the code from the wiifit project, along with other code.

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Written by Jacob Walker

May 25th, 2013 at 3:41 pm

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