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A Response from ScraperWiki

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I was very happy to have received a response today from ScraperWiki, about the critique I posted yesterday about their new site.  I always appreciate having feedback that I take time to make to be considered, and here is what Zarino Zappia had to say:

Hi Jacob,

All valid and very understandable points. Your blog post has caused much debate at ScraperWiki HQ 🙂
I’m not sure I can fit a proper explanation of our reasoning into a single email, so all I’ll say is, thank you (really, thank you) for giving us your honest feedback, and keep an eye on http://blog.scraperwiki.com for an upcoming series of posts which’ll hopefully shed more light on pretty much all of the points you’ve raised.
Zarino Zappia
VP of Product, ScraperWiki


Written by Jacob Walker

July 4th, 2013 at 12:38 pm