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I thought I loved Firefox until I found Waterfox!

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I have been a long time supporter of Firefox.  Even though many of my friends have ditched it for Chrome, I appreciate that Firefox is open source, and that it has some amazing add-ons, like Zotero.

One of the advantages of Firefox being open source, is that others can improve upon it.  And I found one such improvement tonight: Waterfox.   Waterfox is an optimized 64 bit version of Firefox for Windows, and having just installed it only a few minutes ago, I can already see a huge speed improvement.  Zotero no longer hangs when it is synching (in the past, Firefox would “not respond” for several minutes during a Zotero synch).   My PDFs load faster in the browser, and just in general things seem quicker.

While it seems Waterfox lags behind Firefox in versions a little (due to using a different quicker compiler, which means the developer has to get past “compile errors”), I am already much happier with it than Firefox.  And if there is something I really need Firefox for, I still have it, and they seem to work fine, sharing the same basic add-ons, data, etc!

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August 24th, 2013 at 10:23 pm

Project Management in a Changing Environment: Considerations, Strategies, and Tools for Ensuring Success in an Age of Complexity

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I have been thinking much more about project management, and strategies to use in a changing environment, as like many others who are adopting a more agile philosophy, I have realized that many of the projects I’m working on, will change in scope, requirements, etc before they are done, and thus it is important to do things in a way that has the most probability of success, and least amount of backtracking.  What is attached and follows is the short essay: Project Management in a Changing Environment

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August 24th, 2013 at 6:32 am

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Using Libraries in Sacramento for Group Research

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With working towards starting Highlands Community Charter School, there is a need for myself and my colleagues to be able to have a place we can meet, use wi-fi, and do research.  So I was investigating some of the potential libraries in Sacramento.  Each has advantages and disadvantages, with nearly all public college/university libraries only allowing wi-fi for students.  (One may need to ask, how public are these public schools?)

Here is a summary of what I found.  In the end, I think we will use the Central Library:

Location Study/Meeting Rooms? Public Wi-Fi?
Sacramento Central Library

828 I Street, 95814

No, but public areas can be used to talk Yes, with online reference materials
Sacramento Law Library

609 9th Street, 95814

Yes, for a fee Yes, with access to online databases
Sac State University Library

2000 State University Drive

Yes Only for Students

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August 5th, 2013 at 1:06 pm

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