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Why Refurbish when you can UberFurbish!

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Tomorrow I am going to start the first after-school class of the Computer Refurbishing Community Service Club which is a project that Araceli Perez has been pushing, and is finally coming to fruition.  For this project, we have chosen to go with Ubermix, which is built on top of Ubuntu Linux, but has a simpler user interface, is easy to maintain, and was designed specifically with education in mind.  This was chosen after exploring a lot of alternatives, including Lubuntu, JoliCloud, Chrome OS / Chromium OS, and the OEM license of Microsoft Windows XP that came with the computers.

Windows XP was not chosen, because its support from Microsoft will be ending this coming year, which means it will be ripe for malware to invade at that time.  Also, I think that the demand for technicians who can work on Unix-like operating systems is going to go up dramatically, given that with personalized computer (smart-phones and tablets), there are far more installation of Unix-like systems than Microsoft ones.  Also, the price tag is very good for Ubermix, given that it is open source. Ubermix looks to be more stable and more compatible with the older hardware I have tested it on than the other Linux variations I looked at, and also has a simpler interface.

As part of this process, I’m working on creating an UberFurbish boot CD, which is a customized Ultimate Boot CD, that will make it easy to test the hardware of computer systems before Ubermix is installed.  I’ll be posting more about this soon, and some of the technical challenges and solutions that have been involved.

Written by Jacob Walker

October 14th, 2013 at 1:41 pm