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Recommendation of the Day: Siteground

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Yes, you were probably expecting a quote of the day today, but I am committing to having at least one blog entry per day with something.   So today I am doing the extremely rare “plug” (recommendation) of a commercial entity.   In this case the web hosting service Siteground.

I am generally disillusioned with most commercial entities, even more than I’m disillusioned with public entities (although with the way Congress is acting and Twin Rivers has acted, they are giving private industry a run for its money!)  So, when I recommend a business, they had to do something to truly prove to me that they are a good company.

I have been using Siteground as a host for my websites for several years, including my EffectiveEducation.org site.  While there has been some minor issues I’ve had with their service, they have ALWAYS been quick to solve problems, and are extremely quick and competent with their customer service.

And today, they did something that truly touched my heart.  Currently I am unemployed (I’ll talk more about that soon in another post) and so I have to watch my bills very closely, and have had to cut back dramatically what I purchase.  A website of mine was coming due with Siteground, and I truly didn’t want to lose it, because once you lose a domain, it is nearly impossible to get it back without paying huge fees (since a troll will usually swipe it up, and attempt to extort the fees from you.)

So, being in this bind, I told my situation to Siteground.  Most other companies would have said “sorry, there is nothing we can do”, or “we will downgrade you”.  But Siteground gave me a sufficient discount for one of my service that I could keep my service, as-is.   I truly appreciate this compassion on their part, and that is why I’m sharing my experience with everyone.*

* – They didn’t ask me to share my experience even!  Although link I’m sharing is a “sponsored” link that could reduce my bill further with them as I truly could use any small bits of financial help I can get right now, but that really isn’t why I’m sharing the link.  If it was, I would have been plugging them harder sooner.

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November 5th, 2013 at 11:59 am

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