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Petition asking for Cortez Quinn to Resign

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As I have been posting about recently, Cortez Quinn has come afoul of the law.  And while some may find the soap opera slightly entertaining, it isn’t what the Twin Rivers district needs.  I believe that Cortez should make the honorable decision and resign, so that his personal issues do not entangle further with the needs of our district.  I am asking others to ask him to do the same, as the children of an already embattled district will continue to pay the price for issues that they shouldn’t, until the scandals of the district are resolved.  Cortez resigning is the right way to resolve one of them now.

Update: While a little late, I should mention that the Sacramento Bee also asked Cortez to resign.

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Written by Jacob Walker

November 19th, 2013 at 9:59 am

Posted in Twin Rivers USD

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