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Quote of the Day: “It is said that all journeys lead you back to where you began.”

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It is said that all journeys lead you back to where you began.

This line come from the musical Umoja: The Spirit of Togetherness, which an interesting journey through South African music.  I share it today as the first day of Kwanzaa, (and the first day in my series of quotes that I am relating back to Kwanzaa), in which the principle is that of umoja (Swahili for “unity”).  I also see this first principle being congruent with that of ubuntu, which I have shared about previously.

So am I just being “politically correct” in having quotes about Kwanzaa?  First, I am under no illusion that Kwanzaa’s foundation is quite modern of U.S. origin, by a man who has committed atrocities.  I also am quite aware that few who identify with being African American actually celebrate Kwanzaa.

Yet in a similar vain, I am also under no illusions that Thomas Jefferson, who helped to found the United States on the idea that all humans are created equal, also owned slaves.

But truth is truth, even if those who speak it are hypocritical.

And the truth is that the origin of all of us–no matter which piece of this planet we live on, nor skin color we have–is from Africa.  And thus there is a unity to us all as a human race and a human family.  And it is from this perspective that I celebrate the ideals of Kwanzaa, where the meaning of each principle stretches to all of us.

So what of today’s specific quote?  In the context of the umoja of humankind, we can be lead back to Africa where our Greatest Grandmother and Greatest Grandfather lived.  And I hope you will join me for the next seven days as I share seven quotes, each that has a universal theme, to the Kwanzaa principle of the day.

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December 26th, 2013 at 11:59 am

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