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Quote of the Day: “I think…what a wonderful world”

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It has been quoted a great many times, but it is so wonderful I love to quote it again, that saying of Kepler,—”O God. I think over again thy thoughts after thee.”

Then there is another thing I am glad of, I am glad I can read; and I am glad that we have inherited such a wealth of record of the thoughts, the dreams, the fancies, the wonderful imaginings, of the great brains and noble souls of all the past. The world would be a great deal poorer if our Bible were blotted out, even if you did not care one thing about it on account of its religious significance. As literature, as revealing to us the life of that far-away time,— Babylon, Egypt. Philistia, Greece, Rome, Palestine.—what a wonderful world it opens to us! and how marvelous are the figures that pass before us there!

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Written by Jacob Walker

January 9th, 2014 at 11:59 am

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