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Thought of the Day: Thoughts are more Important than Quotes

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While we should attempt to be accurate and give credit where credit is due, in the end, a quote is just a snippet of thought, and it is the underlying thought that is truly important, regardless of who said it first, or who said it at all.

Picture of the Open Thinking Logo surrounded by Quote marks.  Source: Jordi Berenguer with edits by Jacob J. WalkerReaders may have noticed that I have changed my daily blog postings from “Quote of the Day” to “Thought of the Day”.  This change came from some introspection and deeper thought about the value of “quotes” in the first place.

I realized that to look at quotes as purely a specific set of words that was (or was not) said or written by somebody, really misses the point about why we share quotes at all.  We share quotes, because they contain a nugget of wisdom or wit that we find valuable.   And, while it is clearly wrong to attribute ideas to the wrong person(s), there needs to be the recognition that ideas are not proprietary.  So if someone shares an idea, then that person is also an originator of the idea.  Of course, we should try to give credit where credit is due, but every piece of wisdom is built upon the humans that came before us and the environment which has been shaped by life on this planet.

So, I am now posting thoughts.  I will share some research about who has held these ideas, but will not attempt to limit the idea by this research, and instead use the research to broaden our ability to gain value from the idea that is being shared.

But, to give credit, where credit is due…  Today’s idea came partly as an outgrowth of my conversations with my friend Ruth Ackerman, and she attributes her ideas to Wayne Dyer and Stephen Covey.

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January 21st, 2014 at 11:59 am

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  1. […] am OK with the uncertainty of who said it first; as I have shared recently, it is the wisdom of the idea that matters, and it is clear that this idea is one shared by all involved, including me, Greg Tamblyn, John […]

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