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Thought of the Day: “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”

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Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence

Picture of a statue of Charles de GaulleYesterday, I shared a little about how I thought a conservative friend of mine was sharing something that wasn’t properly contextualized.  Today, I’m sharing how a liberal Facebook site, The Knowledge Movement, is misattributing a quote.  As I saw the following picture/quote posted on their Facebook page:

While the picture is beautiful, and the sentiment has much truth to it, despite a book that claims to be quotes of da Vinci including it, the evidence that I founds suggests it was said by Charles de Gaulle.

This is what I find frustrating about our politics of our nation at the moment.  Both sides claim to be the holders of truth, with Fox News having the gall to claim to be fair and balanced as their slogan. And that is clearly not the case.

Yet on the “other side of the aisle”, The Knowledge Movement, being a  “left leaning” website that has its subtitle saying “One must first know what a ‘fact’ is, before one can recognize truth”, also clearly didn’t do a tad bit of due diligence before posting a misquotation. And while this may seem small, it degrades their reliability, and I now question what else they have posted that they haven’t fact checked.

Yet, maybe it is also true that nothing strengthens bull shit so much as silence.  And I am working to not be silent when I see an inaccuracy, especially in those who claim to hold accuracy as their ideal.

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Written by Jacob Walker

February 21st, 2014 at 11:59 am

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