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“Crazy” Thought of the Day: Virtual Tactile Touch Display

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Ok, here is a quick idea, that I need to take the time to detail more.  Braille displays are very expensive right now, because of the technology and not being able to be mass produced.  But what if you could make a flat panel, like a touch screen, not only be something you could touch,  but that it would “feel” as if it had bumps or ridges.  This could possibly be done through magnets and a glove, or maybe even through some form of negative charge, where the display would feel like it had a bump or ridge, etc because the electrons in our hands would repel more from the negative charge of the screen.  What this could do, is not only make better Braille displays, but also make tactile keyboards on our smart phones be something that not only we would see, but something we could feel, to make our ability to type on a mobile device work better.

If anyone else is interested in developing this “crazy” idea with me, please post or email me.

Written by Jacob Walker

March 13th, 2014 at 8:21 am