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Today’s Bee Article about Twin Rivers, Dr. Martinez, and John Dexter

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Michelle Rivas for Twin Rivers School Board - Area 2I have been hesitant to “take sides” in the race between John Dexter and Michelle Rivas.  But, I don’t think I can be quiet any longer about John Dexter.

I have been working with a great team over the past two years to start Highlands Community Charter School, which has been designed to “serve the unserved”, and will make the Twin Rivers district additional income, while helping the parents of the district.  And by serving these unserved populations, we also are helping to change “tax takers to become tax makers”, which saves money for the State of California.

And, Superintendent Martinez “gets it”.  He is strongly supporting having Highlands Community Charter School succeed, because he knows that when the parents of the district learn more, their children will learn more.  This is simple fact.   As today’s article in the Sacramento Bee shows, Dr. Martinez works for systemic solutions, without attempting to get political gain, just to have gains for the students.

But, as Maiman’s Article also points out, John Dexter is still trying to back stab others for political gain, instead of truly working to solve problems.  First, I want to say that when John Dexter first started on the Twin Rivers board, I thought he was someone we could work with.  At the time, he seemed reasonable.

But, it was John Dexter who brought Joe Williams into the district, because John’s wife, Nancy, was Joe William’s secretary.  And it was Joe Williams that nearly killed Adult Education in the district, and who did everything he could to prevent Highlands Community Charter School from starting, despite it being a win-win for the district, the school, the community, and the State. And it is John Dexter that still supports Joe Williams, despite Joe not paying his fair share into his retirement.  Despite, Joe now being on “stress” leave, because he twisted the words of a community activist to serve his own agenda.

John Dexter publicly says he supports Superintendent Martinez, so that he could get the Bee’s initial endorsement, and he only temporarily supported Highlands Community Charter School to get labor union support.  But, he is now again trying to use our charter school as some sort of political pawn, and it seems pretty clear that he would still much rather see Joe Williams as superintendent than to truly support Dr. Martinez.

I am tired of this.  I just want to do the right thing, and build a school that can truly change people’s lives for the better.  While I know the district had some major growing pains when the unification happened with Rivas being the board president, and I had some serious issues with then Superintendent Frank Porter’s treatment of adult education, I also know that Rivas is dedicated to the students of the Twin Rivers District, and recognizes that educating parents directly translates into better education for kids.  This is why she needs to be re-elected.

While I try to not write anyone off, it would honestly take a lot of work on John Dexter’s part to truly show me that he thinks about students first, and not politics.  It would take recognizing and denouncing the damage that Joe Williams did to our district, and to truly support Superintendent Martinez, for example, by truly supporting Highlands Community Charter School.

Written by Jacob Walker

May 20th, 2014 at 5:03 pm

Thought of the Day: Lesson Study

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Starting a new charter school is exciting.  For all the controversy that charter’s school have, one thing that is unmistakeable, is that it does allow the group starting the school to have a new start and the ability to take your past knowledge and experience, and shape things in new ways.

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Written by Jacob Walker

May 1st, 2014 at 11:59 am