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Thought of the Day: The difference between a Civil War and a Revolutionary War is only that of who won.

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Picture of Mel Gibson's character in the movie The PatriotYesterday I talked a little about how I appreciate that our nation doesn’t use a war as its marker of independence.  But, I thought today I would share a thought I had for sometime when people talk about the U.S. Civil War, which in fact, it was the 2nd Civil War…  it is just that in our first civil war, the rebels won, so we call it our revolutionary war.   This illustrates how much our language shapes our understanding of something, and on the flip side, how our understanding of something shapes our language.

Of a similar note, is when we consider an action one of terrorism, or one of heroism.  Although this is glossed over, I think the movie The Patriot, somewhat illustrates this idea.  And on the flip side of our view of a similar idea, the Oklahoma City bombing is a more recent, darker reminder of how one person’s view of patriotism is a society’s view of terrorism.

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July 5th, 2014 at 11:59 am

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