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Thought of the Day: Our Nation was founded by Intellectuals and is being Destroyed by Idiots

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To conclude my series of posts that looks at Independence Day (in the U.S.) from points of view not always looked at, I wanted to conclude with a bit of a cynical view of the change in politics.

When our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written, it was done so by politicians who were philosophers.  Granted, they too were often hypocritical, especially Thomas Jefferson.

But, today, the hypocrisy and idiocy is rife, with the Tea Party being especially bad, as they rationalize or ignore their bigotry. For example, they say they fight for individual rights… unless you are gay.  They ignore that voter id laws have much more of an effect against voter access than any real worry about fraud.  And religious freedom to them is only freedom for Christians, because despite clear evidence from the Treaty of Tripoli and the Jefferson Bible, they continue to swear we were founded as a fundamentalist Christian Nation.  And while they said during the Bush administration, that we must respect the presidency, many of them clearly will do anything they can to discredit an African-American President, and treat him far worse than ever the “left” treated President Bush.

How do we solve this?  How can we get each of us to think more about our own lack of understanding of the world, and seek to improve that first, before we go headlong into hammering the world with our ignorance?  How do we see that many of those leading us are trying to blind us, and that we are still often letting power-hungry assholes decide everything.

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Written by Jacob Walker

July 6th, 2014 at 11:59 am

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