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What the State Superintendent Election Means for California’s Future

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It was interesting that the California State Superintendent election was one of the most hotly contested.  This is probably ultimately a good thing to have people thinking more about how important our education system is to the future of our state.  It was also a very expensive race.  This part is not so good, because both sides that are spending lots of money have interests that are probably not always in the best good for our state.  The CTA is too firm on trying to stop teachers from being let go, and some of the commercial interests supporting charter school, are not necessarily in it for the good of our future, but more for their bottom line.  The negative ads were atrocious, and a scar on the election, as education should NOT be about half-truths.

So where do we go from here?  I believe that the election showed that the public is concerned about where traditional public education is going, and that they want more charter schools and that they want more ability to get rid of bad teachers.  And it is likely that Torlakson won due to the CTA smear campaign and the inertia of being the incumbent.

And, I hope Torlakson and the CTA take this to heart.  Some compromise is needed on the part of the teacher’s union.   If there isn’t, the next election might not go their way.  And that too could be a bad thing, because there is a need to make sure charter schools are doing the right things for the public, and the right thing for their teachers.  In other words, there must be a middle path that can be found, because the extremes are both dangerous to our future.

Written by Jacob Walker

November 5th, 2014 at 6:30 pm