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Update about the Development of VubuntuBox

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VubuntuBox Logo (Alpha Version)I had paused my development of VubuntuBox for a week or so while I worked on different pressing issues with Highlands Community Charter School (HCCS), and also the research proposal for my doctoral thesis.

But, there is a tremendous need at HCCS to have our classroom computers setup for students, and I’m in the logistically problematic position of whether I invest more time into having the long-term solution developed (VubuntuBox), or I spend my time with stop-gap measures of doing standard temporary imaging / cloning of the existing hardware, or I try to build an XP image that works on all the computers.

On the good side, I think I have some more people who may be willing to help with the development of VubuntuBox.  Robert Thompson has volunteered, although I had to postpone a lunch meeting with him.  I’m hoping my friend David Jones will be willing to do a little bit with the project.  And a hacker (in the original sense of the word) I respect the abilities of, Michael Albin, might be willing to help out also.

The challenge I have right now is trying to figure out which type of commands I can run at the beginning and end of the installation, and whether it is better put them in the preseed or kickstart file, since it seems that both work slightly differently in enough ways, that it is valuable to use both, to get the whole thing to work.

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November 13th, 2014 at 11:59 am

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