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I’m doing a FREE orientation tomorrow for my Microsoft Office Training with Highlands Community Charter School

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hccs_logo_artwork_cropped_600At long last, I’m starting to teach Microsoft Office again.  But before some of my former students get their hopes up about joining my class, I should be clear about the requirements: These classes are only for students who do not yet have a U.S. High School diploma (but those with only a GED can join).  It is also a full-time program for students to work towards earning their diploma, where classes start at 10:20 am, and go until 5:10 pm.  My specific Microsoft Office classes will go from 3:10 pm to 5:10 pm.  Also, we can only accept students who are at least 22 years old.

If you know anyone who could meet these requirements, and want FREE classes, then please invite them to the orientation I am doing tomorrow (December 1st) at 3:10 pm, at 1333 Grand Avenue, Building F.  They can also email me for more info, or call our office on Monday, at (916) 844-2283 .  Please also share this on your Facebook, and if you haven’t already like us on FaceBook.

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November 30th, 2014 at 11:59 am

Passing Variables from the %Pre to %Post scripts in Kickstart on Ubuntu

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Picture of a Penguin (Tux) kickingThe development of the VubuntuBox Linux Distribution has required making a custom installation of Lubuntu, and I thought the easiest way to do this would be through the standard / recommended methods for making an Automatic Installation, which was either to use preseeding or to use kickstart.

In the end, it turned out that I needed to use both to automate the installation to a level needed, and that several “tricks” were needed to solve inherent limitations of kickstart (and preseeding).   And now that I’ve figured some of these out, I am writing several blog articles to share what I’ve learned, so others hopefully won’t have to bang their head against the wall as much as I have.  Also, I should note, that I’m not a Linux expert, so there may be more elegant solutions than the ones I’ll be sharing in these articles.

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Written by Jacob Walker

November 30th, 2014 at 5:50 am

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