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Thought of the Day: Pessimists have already lost

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Looking at the world as it stands, it is easy for one to ask, “Why be an optimist?” The answer is simple, a pessimist has already lost. – Jacob J. Walker

I was wondering to myself recently, if most cultures have come up with celebrations during the winter to help offset what we now label as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  Because, with the rain and dark clouds of winter, it seems easier to look at the world and get down about our future.  And I think there is reason to be concerned, as even Stephen Hawking is warning us about the danger of humans creating technology that could wipe us out.  (And, by the way, with our existent nuclear arsenals, we are already and still at risk of near annihilation on a daily basis)

But a pessimistic attitude cannot solve this.  If we lose hope, we have already lost.  This doesn’t mean that we are guaranteed to win by being optimists.  But if we don’t believe we have a chance of human survival (and the ability for humans to thrive) then we will never be able to get there.   So today, amongst the clouds and rain, I will be grateful for the lessening of the California drought, and I will continue to work where I can to improve the world for tomorrow and encourage others to do so as well.

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Written by Jacob Walker

December 3rd, 2014 at 11:59 am

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