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Rest in Peace Boris Nemtsov and Leonard Nimoy… May we be able to reach your visions for the future.

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Of the two recent deaths, that of Boris Nemtsov is more ominous than that of our beloved Spock.  But both Boris Nemtsov and Leonard Nimoy are leaving behind a legacy, and they may be more connected than one may think at first…

In the 1960’s during the cold war, Star Trek showed the U.S. the potential for future peace amongst the people of our earth, and while Spock was not from our planet, he was a major part of the series and the concepts created by Gene Rodenberry.

And among the forefront of the Russians who have worked towards being able to have a future where the U.S. and Russia are not in conflict, has been Boris Nemtsov. If there can be any good from these deaths, I hope it can be that the Russian populous can start to see the sociopathy of Vladimir Putin and reject his vision and actions; And, I hope that the U.S. citizenry can remember that the people of Russia are no more inherently evil than the people of Germany during World War II, and no more inherently evil than we are as a people ourselves…  Humans are humans, and most of us are not sociopaths, but many of us can be led astray by sociopaths through the power of hatred.

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Written by Jacob Walker

February 28th, 2015 at 1:23 pm

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