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Chat Log with OOMA Sales

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I recently posted about my poor experience with AT&T, but the VoIP provider Ooma is not much better, as the following chat log shows.   (I probably got a little snarky in the end, but it is clearly frustrating to ask for one thing, be given another, and when they give you a URL in their brochure, it doesn’t work!)  I should preface this, with the fact that I didn’t see a link to their complete pricing on their business page (http://ooma.com/products/business) so I went into their chat to ask them where I could find it…  This is what ensued:

You are now chatting with Derek
Welcome to our Ooma Office sales, how may I assist you today?
Jacob Walker: Where is your pricing info for businesses?
Derek: Glad to help Jacob.
9.99 per phone number 9.99 per extension.
Ooma office allows you to have 1 phone number and multiple users share the number by having an extension which they can talk on at the same time simultaneously inbound and outbound with all separate conversations.
Jacob Walker: Where is this listed, as it does not appear on your main web page, which is frustrating, and causes me hesitation to use you as a vendor.
Derek: The brochure shows this.
Jacob Walker: Do you have a pricing sheet on a URL that I can refer to?
Derek: Yes sure.
You are looking to be a re seller?
Jacob Walker: No, I’m looking to possibly use your service. But “Yes sure” doesn’t inspire confidence. I’d like to have a web page that spells out the details about your product, including all monthly fees etc, so I can compare it to other VoIP services.
Derek: Sure I understand I can help.
Jacob Walker: Ok, I’m waiting for the URL… Your company seems to hide it on their web page, and when I’ve asked you twice for it, you say you will help, but you haven’t given me the URL.
Derek: I sent it let me send in chat.
Jacob Walker: Ok, it doesn’t list your international rates, but in fine print it says to go to http://www.ooma.com/smb/rates but when I go there the page doesn’t exist.
Jacob Walker: Why is your brochure wrong?
Derek: Which part?
Jacob Walker: The URL I sent you doesn’t exist.
I have asked for a URL with a complete list of rates, and the one listed in your brochure points to a non-existent URL
Derek: I sent you an email.
Jacob Walker: I asked for a URL
I think I have learned what I needed. If your service after signing up is as poor as your service is right now, with the same type of problems. I don’t think it is worth the cost to us.
I should inform you this chat has been saved for quality purposes and will be posted on my blog.

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Written by Jacob Walker

April 7th, 2015 at 12:42 pm

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