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Whether the flyers against Elkarra were real or a rouse, Islamaphobia is quite real.

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The recent school board special election between Basim Elkarra and Sonja Cameron has been described by one legislator as the ugliest school board race he had ever seen.  Both Sonja and Basim took the brunt of smear tactics when flyers were sent by an unknown 3rd party that alleged that Basim had connections with terrorism.  This then led to some people believing that Sonja was somehow the culprit, despite Basim clearly stating that she wasn’t involved.

Basim claims that, “The people who are behind this are the same ones that in previous Twin Rivers elections did the same thing to other candidates.”, although he hasn’t given names.  While, Bruce Maiman has suggested the theory that it was a Basim supporter who sent the flyers, although publishing this cost Maiman his job.

I personally believe that the most likely culprit is a right-wing blogger vigilante, as just searching for Basim Elkarra on Google turns up tons of them who make many accusations against Basim and CAIR without any supporting evidence. And, it is clear that in the past these groups pressured both Barbara Boxer and Ami Bera to distance themselves from Basim.  Although, it should be noted that Ami Bera no longer distances himself from Basim.

While I don’t think anyone in Basim’s camp sent the anti-Islamic flyer (despite the circumstances being very fishy), it is clear that the flyer turned part of the election into false dichotomy:

  • From what the flyer said, there is the innuendo that if you voted for Basim you are somehow supporting terrorism.
  • From how Basim responded, there is the innuendo that if you did not support him, you are somehow Islamaphobic and racist.

For the record, I have supported Sonja and personally endorsed her.  She has far more educational experience than Basim, and honestly I don’t trust Basim, as it seems like he engineered the whole special election despite saying he wasn’t involved. He has also made innuendo that somehow California charter schools aren’t public schools, and are a form of “privatization”.  In all, he seems to me to be rather squirrely.

But, my distrust of Basim has nothing to do with him being Muslim.  As I posted, I went to a Mosque recently to better understand Islam.  Further, there are several people very close and dear to me who are Muslim.  Yet, I have been asked by these dear people to not share their names, as they are concerned about the very real Islamaphobia that happens in the U.S. and know that they very likely could be discriminated against because of their religion.

And so, to work to reduce Islamaphobia, I plan to post more about Islam and how many Muslims have in the past, and still today, are helping to make this a better world to live in.

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Written by Jacob Walker

May 19th, 2015 at 11:59 am

Posted in Twin Rivers USD

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