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My own religious views…

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Before I start posting more about Islam, I should probably share my own religious views and beliefs.  They are beliefs that have changed, and likely will change again.  But, they are beliefs that have been derived by being an open-minded skeptic, that attempts to avoid beliefs that are either false-positives (have type 1 errors) or false-negatives (have type 2 errors).

Of labels that are in the most common usage, “agnostic” fits me to a degree, although I also like some of the concepts of what David Eagleman calls being a “possibilian“, and I fit some of the concepts of being a deist or a pantheist.

My overall trend has been to become more of a pragmatist, and with that I work more on finding the practices and values from religions that I believe support my goal to improve this world.  Thus, I go to church every week at Unity of Auburn, which can be labeled as a Progressive Christian church.    I care more about following the example of Jesus (as written) of supporting the poor and oppressed, than worrying about whether he died for anyone’s sins or not.  I also think that Buddhism has a lot of concepts and practices that are valuable, especially about the psychological source of suffering, and the value of meditation.

And, I believe that there is value in the 5 pillars of Islam, although just as I reinterpret and ignore parts of the Christian Bible that are ludicrous, I too have been thinking about how I might reinterpret the pillars of Islam, such that they might have value in my life, alongside the value I gain from some Christian and Buddhist beliefs.

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May 21st, 2015 at 11:59 am

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