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Solution to Google Drive Problem of Not Synchronizing Shared Files and Folders on One Users System

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What do you do when technology that is meant to “auto-magically work” doesn’t?  This was a problem I faced recently with Google Drive, when one of our users was missing a lot of files an folders on her hard disk, that were clearly in a shared Google Drive folder.

Her computer said that everything was synced, and in fact if I made a new file in the folder from another computer, it would show up in her drive, and if she created a file, it would show up on other computers.  But still, many existing folders and files on the Google Drive just weren’t showing up on her local drive, even though if she logged into https://drive.google.com she could see them there with her account.

I tried looking up a solution online, but the one forum post that looked promising, didn’t seem to work.  I then stumbled upon a solution, albeit an annoying one…

Basically, if she would double click on a folder that she could see online at https://drive.google.com, then her local Google Drive would decide to synch it up.  So she had to manually go through all the folders on the web, double click, and then go to the next one.  At least it solved the problem, and I thought I would share it for others to know as well.

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Written by Jacob Walker

June 23rd, 2015 at 11:59 am

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