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How should we Engineer the Automated Economy?

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In my recent commencement address to the Sacramento Stride Center graduates, I talked about how truck driving is a good job now, but I worry it will be going away.   I am not alone in this concern, as a few days later, on “The Take Away” that I heard listening to NPR, there was a whole news story titled: Self-Driving Trucks Take to America’s Roads.

There is a bigger issue afoot from this: will we be slaves to the automation or will it set us free? Because without deliberate action in the shaping of our economy, economic forces could very well push us to complete monopolies in the means of production.  (Yes, I know you say that we already have government legal safe guards…  but the Citizens United ruling shows a trend towards eroding these to non-existence.)

The following are some proposals for shaping our economic system:

I will discuss each of these in future posts, but it is the last one that I believe would be best for society (as it is best for individuals), and that could be accomplished by strengthening some of the current trends.

Written by Jacob Walker

June 24th, 2015 at 11:59 am