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A Brief Unifying Philosophy about Epistemology, Ethics, and Aesthetics

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Philosophy is sometimes divided into 3 areas: the study of knowledge (called epistemology), the study of values (called ethics), and the study of beauty (called aesthetics). I have come to see these as being connected and built on top of each other.  Because, any rational belief about how to choose what is knowledge (epistemology), must be built on axiomatic value judgements about how we ought to decide what is truth (ethics). And our ethics about what we believe ought to be, is originally underpinned by our feelings for things (aesthetics). Although, our feelings will be impacted by our higher thoughts about truth and ethics, and thus there is a fractal cycle of influence.

I am sure there are philosophers who will say I’m all wrong (especially on how I equate feelings with aesthetics), but it does seem to me that whether the words I use are “correct”, the concept I am laying out should survive scrutiny.

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Written by Jacob Walker

October 1st, 2015 at 7:05 pm

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