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Adventures in Android Accessibility: 3 Screen Readers Tested

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Picture of the Android Robot Logo with sunglasses and a walking caneMy first “real” job out of high school was with an awesome company called Humanware.  At the time they were located in Loomis, where I lived, and I did technical support for their screen readers, which allowed blind individuals to hear what was on the screen.  This was still in the days before Windows, and the technology worked pretty well because every screen had only text.  Windows started to make things more difficult, because the interface was more complex, and dependent upon the mouse and visuals.  But with tablets and smartphones, with their simpler interface, it might be possible to have better solutions, but thus far the Android accessibility “solutions”  seeem to suck.  Here is my quick review of 3 I tried recently.

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Written by Jacob Walker

February 14th, 2016 at 11:59 am