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Thought of the Day: Is Trump running for President or Dictator?

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Trump: “I alone can fix this.”
Is this guy running for president or dictator?

– Bernie Sanders tweet on July 21, 2016

Bernie has words that are worth listening too.  While I know he has not been happy with losing the nomination for the Democratic party, he also clearly knows that there is a clear difference between Trump and Hillary.

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Written by Jacob Walker

July 24th, 2016 at 11:59 am

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  1. Quoting a left wing political hack who at times has esposed values that verge on Communism is hardly proof that Trump is a so-called Dictator. Communism has been associated with brutal Dictatorships over time, more so than Capitalism by almost any measure.

    Proof as follows:

    – Vladamir Lenin, Communist Dictator of Russia, guilty of killing 10 million innocent lower class destitute Russians, the same people he claimed he was trying to help.

    – Joseph Stalin, also known as Koba by his Commie pals, Dictator of Communist Russia, guilty of killing close to 50 million people depending how you do the body count.

    – Adolph Hiltler, a self proclaimed Socialist, leader of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, Dictator of most of Western and Eastern Europe outside of Russia during WWII, guilty of murdering 50 million people.

    – Pol Pot, Dictator of the Communist Khmer Rouge of Cambodia, guilty of murdering millions.

    – Mao Zedong, Dictator of the Communist revolution in China, guilty of murdering tens of millions of people.

    That’s what real dictators look like. Trump doesn’t even come close. Please publically apologize to Mr Trump for your unfounded accusation.

    Trump Is God

    28 Jul 16 at 8:19 pm

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