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Dictatorship is not the solution to a Dysfunctional Democracy

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So which presidential candidate would more likely be dictatorial in their presidency?  Evidence shows that the Clintons overall followed the rule of law, and worked with the legislature during Bill’s term in office.  Trump on the other hand continually breaks or skirts the law (like his dealings with Fidel Castro in Cuba, right after saying he would not do anything in Cuba), says “I alone can fix this problem”, and has all the personality traits of a dictator, as Trevor Noah has humorously, yet scarily pointed out.  His father told trump as a kid that he was a “king and a killer”.  Will we let this come true?  Our founding fathers fought to be free from a King.  We don’t need King Trump.   (And for the Hillary haters: I respect your freedom of speech, but I need evidence and not anger to change my mind)

Written by Jacob Walker

October 3rd, 2016 at 11:59 am