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5 Ways Data Science and the Intelligent Web can help Schools and Education

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5 ways to...This past week, I shared a simplified introduction to what is done with data science/machine learning/data mining/predictive analytics work, and the major tasks / roles.  This coming week I’m going to share about how I think data science combined with the “intelligent web” (sometimes called Web 3.0 or above) can benefit human education and thus humanity.  Some of these ideas can be done at the school level, others are probably better done by vendors, and yet others are best done by governmental organizations or associations.  But each of them can make a big difference, if done well and ethically.  And to not keep you too much in suspense, here are the ones I’ll be posting about this week:

  1. Improving student learning and retention through better adaptive delivery and assessment
  2. Improving educational content standards by data mining career sites to determine what knowledge and skills are most relevant
  3. Improving graduation rates by using predictive analytics to help find signs of students who are most at risk of dropping out and intervening
  4. Improving the overall measurement of school success by using social media to help connect with students for the long term
  5. Improving student privacy and cybersecurity by using anomaly detection

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  1. I think you are a bit off base. What’s most important in education are the basics, meaning Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. In the IT world, that means Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Java, C++, .NET, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, Linux, Solaris, Windows Server, and a few others. The best of the best need to know how to architect systems, meaning how to design an entire system by putting together a multitude of diverse technologies. No single set of software operates in a vacuum any more. Concentrate on teaching the basics and you will provide students with real skills that can make them employable for perhaps a lifetime.

    Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

    9 Jun 17 at 5:15 am

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